Time Cycle of Indian Stocks – AXIS BANK LIMITED

* No need specific knowledge of astrology to use this book, everyone can understand this book if he or she know the planets name. This book contains every little knowledge which can be used to find the day’s probability by simple Indian astrology Mahadasha system and all research are simple to understand.

Astrology Time Cycle Trading Strategy For AXIS BANK LIMITED is the practical guide for trading in AXIS BANK LIMITED. For Long Term and Short Term investing. Based on Vedic astrological Phenomena. Written by Jyotish Achary Ashish Kachhela well known financial and Astrological analyst, a veteran writer who has contributed many important treatises to the science of astrology.
This book will help us for this stock long term and short term investor from conventional wisdom and change the way everyone thinks about investment.

This book contains detailed study of astrological research like mahadasha, vimshotry dasha system. for the AXIS BANK LIMITED, with the help of Vedic astrological as well as astrological companty’s Established kundali and based on first day first trade kundali(Price Kundali). All these have been practically experimented and have been verified and explained with the help of 25 years of empherical price data of AXIS BANK LIMITED along with the Company’s Mahadasha and Antardasha Time Cycle. With this astrological data of these findings, the author has been able to successfully predict the intraday moon transit cycle and also predict long term and short term investment of the AXIS BANK LIMITED.

Also added in this book all types of research methodology which includes Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and most popular research W.D.Gann research analysis and almanac research analysis introduces the reader to an extensive range of Vedic astrological (Best system in world) phenomena. From an introduction to the historical basics behind astrology through to an examination of all planets astrology and time cycle of every aspects.

The place where three rivers is found in Indian culture is called Triveni Sangam. It is called the holy place. At that place the waters of the three rivers get together at one place. Similarly, the combination of all the methods for future thinking in the Indian stock market is the combination of research of the same company in this book.

This book has the future thinking of this company with the methodology of different research of only one company.
It has happened many times that the stock market is profit but some of the stocks I share with them are sloppy. It is also seen about sectors that different stocks are affected differently in the same sector. Some fall into slowdown, then some increase in speed each company has its own separate entity


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